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★Never Say Good Bye
公主: This was never meant to be,
附馬: Sorry it's my fault forgive me
公主: If you doubt me don't play me
附馬: One more chance darling
oh listen to me please
公主: Since the day we said goodbye
tears are swelling in My eyes
i just can't sleep all the time
Thinking of you all the while
Why why can't we try
why did you did You ever go
you made me so sad
when I though I'd have to go on
without you by my side
附馬: Oh I know I am not a lucky guy
though I know love is blind
never thought that you don't mind
truly I know it was so wrong of
me to go and lie
公主: Oh please please don't say that to me
said we're through that's how you made me blue
附馬: Baby I did try
all I wanted was for you
to find a better and rich guy
公主: Hey baby I don't mind
without you by my side
When the winter wind blows so lonely
I could die
oh my love do come back to me
Let me hold you baby one more time
then we can fry I'll make you smile sweeter
Than the taste of summer wine
附馬: I know that to love is not a crime
We'll be back soon side by side
really sooner counting 12345
公主: I will love you all the time all the while
If you play mahjong I will never criticize
附馬: Every day every night
you will find me near you looking
and keep locking in your eyes
公主: Never ever say goodbye
附馬: We'll be singing in the skies
公主: I believe that we can fly
附馬: I can see the sign in your eyes
公主: It's the time
附馬: Let's get high
附馬/公主: We can boogie till the end of time
公主: My oh
附馬: Don't want to waste no time
附馬/公主: Let us go and start to party
whisky cheese and wine

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