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Arms and Legs Habit Forming LRC歌詞

歌曲 Habit FormingArms and Legs 演唱。

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11.Habit Forming

Album: Everything Is Gonna Be Okay
Artist: Arms and Legs
Composer/Lyrics: Scott Daly(Arms and Legs)

A habit forming junkie
crying on the phone
Go find somebody else
that's better than myself
who doesn't make you cry
Someone who deserves you
Who doesn't f**k around like me
Someone more for real
Another heart that you can quickly steal
and separate from mine

I f**k up everything I do
Maybe I should get away
Forget about the things I'd say
Travel far until I find a new
Forget about the evidence of any love I'll ever miss
Never find another girl like you

I f**k up everything I do just for you
Crescent moon you'll feel it hit you sooner or later
better than never
I'll let you decide
and keep my heart in line
I'll never let you go

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