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Arms and Legs Loser (In Love) LRC歌詞

歌曲 Loser (In Love)Arms and Legs 演唱。

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09.Loser (In Love)

Album: Everything Is Gonna Be Okay
Artist: Arms and Legs
Composer/Lyrics: Scott Daly(Arms and Legs)

Just a loser
Lost it all
I once had a friend, a love
but now I'm left alone
Now I know all about your games
If you play with my heart
then I'll do just the same
Just for you I had held in this lie
Think of me as what you like
I'm just another loser in love
Just another heart that you broke
'cuz mine is just a joke to you

I've shared a thousand thoughts with you
a thousand lines
and now every lonely road I walk is lonelier in time
I wonder who will be the next in line to crush
Settle down and spread your legs
break his heart while he's in love...
You're a liar in a heart that couldn't quit
You gave somebody else
what was mine in the end
You gave up when I should have let go
I'm just another heart you broke
'cuz everything's a joke to you

I can't believe I thought
that you could feel something for someone
as pathetic as a little man like me
I'm such a stupid fool to think
that you could feel anything for me
Now I know your love ain't real
I'm just another loser in love
You're the heart that's broke...
and you're the only joke for me

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