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jannifer warnes some where somebody LRC歌詞

歌曲 some where somebodyjannifer warnes 演唱。

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must be a million boys
living in the great big city
I know that one of them
is just right for me
I look uptown downtown
all around searching
I know he's out there
waiting for me
(I know) somewhere,somebody's looking longing
somewhere,somebody's waiting for me
somewhere,somebody's searching praying
tell me where in the world
you know the streetlights shine
in pa*sing faces
I'm just trying to catch somebody's eye
but all the should have beens
the would have beens
might have beens
and the could have beens
and they walk right on by
I walk through the rain that's falling
a voice in the distance calling mine
I run through an empty doorway
waiting for the sun to shine
when will be love be mine

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