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Many nights we've pray.很多夜裡我們在祈禱着。
With no proof anyone could hear.並不一定人人都聽得見。
And our hearts a hopeful song.我們心中的希望之歌。
We barely understood.我們也不能完全理解。
Now we are not afraid.如今我們一無所懼。
Although we know there's much 2 fear.儘管我們知道前路困難重重。
We were moving mountains.我們移山之力。
Long before we knew we could.很久以前就可以了(只是我們原來不知道)。

There can be miracles.奇蹟就會出現。
When U believe.當你充滿信心。
Though hope is frail.儘管希望渺茫。
It's hard 2 kill.但卻難以扼殺。
Who knows what miracles ? 誰能預料到會有什麼奇蹟?
U can achieve.能由你達成。
Somehow U will.突然之間你就創造了奇蹟。
U will when U believe ! 只要有堅定的信仰你就能成功!

In this time of fear.你面對恐懼時。
When prayer so often proves in vain.當你徒勞的頻頻祈禱時。
Hope seems like the summer birds.當希望就象夏日的鳥兒。
Too swiftly flown away.眨眼就飛走了的時候。
And now I am standing here.然而此刻我站在這裡。
My heart's so full I can't explain.心中充滿難以表達的激情。
Seeking faith & speaking words.尋求信仰和勇敢的演講。
I never thought I'd say.說我從未曾說過的話。
When U believe(When U believe).當你充滿信心!
U can achieve(U can achieve).你就能成功!

They don't always happen when U ask.你求助四方卻無人回應。
And it's easy 2 give in 2 Ur fear.屈服於恐懼是那麼的容易。
But when U're blinded by Ur pain.當你被痛苦蒙住了雙眼。
Can't see Ur way safe through the rain.就看不到雨中的路。
A small but still resilient voice.一個微弱但持續迴響的聲音。
Says done is very near.告訴你勝利就在眼前。
There can be miracles(miracles).會有奇蹟發生。
U will(U will)when U believe ! 當你充滿信心!
Just believe ! 僅僅是充滿信心!

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