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Papa&Mama California dreaming(中英對照) LRC歌詞

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All the leaves are brown. 樹葉轉黃。
And the sky is grey. 天空灰藍。
I've been 4 a walk. 我散着步。
On a winter's day. 在一個冬日裡。
I'd be safe and warm. 我會安全又溫曖。
If I was in L.A. 如果這是在洛杉磯。
California dreaming ! 加州夢 !
On such a winter's day ! 在這樣的冬日升起 !
Stopped into a church. 停車走進教堂。
I pa*sed along the way. 穿過走道。
Well I got down on my knees. 我跪了下來。
And I pretend to pray. 並假裝祈禱。
I pretend to pray. 我假裝祈禱。
You know the preacher likes the cold. 你知道神父喜歡寒冷。
He knows I'm gonna stay. 他知道我會留下來。

If I didn't tell her. 如果不是告訴了她。
I could leave today. 我今天就會離去。
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