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Dont you see that people, Will like you for who you are,
Cause life is like a sitcom, a senior prom,
And Im OK and youre OK,
Grade A - 10-4 - roger - over and out,
Listen up - check it out,
Theres something ugly inside of you,
Inside of you,
Theres a big empty hole inside of you,
Inside of you,
Theres something creepy crawling on your brain,
Theres something in you,
Its red white and blue inside of you
As long as you dont have,
Lots of zits or small tits,
Or crooked teeth,
Then you wony be a freak, a wildebeaste,
And people wont tape signs onto your back,
Or beat the crap out of you,
Or ignore your sorry a*s
See, theres something vapid inside of you,
Inside of you,
Theres a sweet little robot inside of you,
Inside of you,
So take off that silly moustache,
Dont be a baby,
Theres a Pete Brady inside of you,
Inside of you, inside of you, inside of you
Boy, I really learned a lot today,
ONE: You act your age,
TWO: You dont try to be something youre not,
THREE: You find out in advance,
What reastaurant your mom and dad are going to,
And go someplace else
Go someplace else, go someplace else, go someplace else

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