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2R shining friend LRC歌詞

歌曲 shining friend2R 演唱。

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Shining Friend

little faith, brightens are rainy day (小小的信念照亮那下雨天了)
life is difficult u can go away (生命難苦困 你總不能逃避)
don't hide your selvies in a corner(不要躲於角落)
you have my place to stay( 我的胸懷可讓你依靠)
sorrow is gonna say goodbye( 憂傷終會跟你說再見)
opens up u see the happy sunshine( 張開眼睛你會快樂的陽光)
keep going on with your dream( 繼續追尋夢想)
chasing to morrow sunrise (想着明天的太陽追趕)
the spirit can never die (不會逝去是信念與理想)
sun will shine my friend (好朋友太陽會閃燿)
wont let you cry my dear (誰都不會令你流淚)
seeing you , share the tear (你的 一滴眼淚)
make my world disappear (會讓我的世界灰暗)
you never be alone in darkness(在黑暗中你永不會孤獨)
see my smile my friend (好朋友看我的 笑顏)
we are with you holding hands(手牽手我們和你一起走)
you have god to believe (再我寧靜的心靈)
you are my destiny (你是我的信念與目標)
we meant to be your friends (我們永遠都會再一起)
that's what a friendship be( 因為我們是朋友)

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