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3OH!3 Chokechain LRC歌詞

歌曲 Chokechain3OH!3 演唱。


3OH!3 - Chokechain
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
@ www.1ting.com @

I got this shit on lock
Holla' Holla' at me if you on my block
I got yo' dogs on a collar, balla
So how you like that?
Chokechain for their necks,
and I don't think they like that
Woof woof - How they howl
Give some chow, they bout to growl
Little dogs will kill you dude,
as soon as you let 'em out
Purebread (Purebread)
Got 'em with the nice coat
Your head (Your head)
When I .........
Dig deep(dig deep)
Shock collars on their necks
You f**k with 3OH!3,
and motherf**kas know they next
Now get yo' drum on (c'mon and getcha drum on)
Getcha getcha drum on (c'mon and getcha drum on)
I got a chokechain for my pitpull lane
I got a shock collar for my rotweiler
Got a - chockchain for my pitbull lane
Got a - Chokechain (ch-ch-chokechain)
I got a shock collar ( sh-sh-shock collar)
I got a choke chain (ch-ch-chokechain)
I got a shock collar (sh-sh-shock collar)
I got my woof from a white teen - He won't bite me
F**kin with me, and you'll get bitten most likely
Howlin' at the moon - growling at the lightning
ugh - ??????????????????????????
We got the drum hits, tell your kid to get a better etiquitte
Before he splits his seed to try to ????????????
You gotta sa-say, g-g-go put it away
Yeah we be runnin' the game, now it's all one in the same

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