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3OH!3 Richman LRC歌詞

歌曲 Richman3OH!3 演唱。


I mean what can I say,
Three babies in the backseat singin' to you,
Hey Dj, won't you play that song for me,
And my hom-- and my homies all singin' to it,
I ain't callin' for a close-up,
No clubs, no cars, bitches with the nose jobs,
No dubs, no stars,
I'm 'a do it how I always have;
Whiskey in a 40 bag,
Pissin' in the alleyway out back where the party's at,
I'm 'a spend it on a new whip, new hat, new kicks,
Bitches with the huge tits, new gat, new slips,
I'm 'a do it how I always do;
Sleep until the break of noon,
Wakin' just to make it through another night of shakin' you
And turn it up on your radio,
I got 200 seconds and I'm ready to go,
I ain't signin' on a new lease,
No cooks, no keys,
Models with the nose bleeds,
White lace, gold beads,
I'm 'a run it like a marathon;
Party 'til I'm 50,
Wake up on my parent's
Them cops still out to get me,
And I ain't sippin' on a mixed drink,
pinkie out, lips pink,
Talkin' to a rich skank filled up like a sperm bank,
I'm 'a go where I always go;
Drinks are on the house,
Whiskey's on the rocks while your sister's on my mouth,
I got 200 seconds and I'm ready to go
And if I was a rich man,
I'd never been to sea,
Could I take you anyways,
Would you come with me, baby?
And if I was a sick man,
I'd never meant to be,
Would you love me anyways,
And would you marry me?

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