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AKEMI Story of Time LRC歌詞

歌曲 Story of TimeAKEMI 演唱。

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Story of Time
銀河英雄傳說外傳 OP
作詞/作曲:David Himeno

Give us one more day
With the words you say
To regret all our sins
give me one more night
with a ray of light
To show how we were brave
In a story of time
A story of time...

Just when I close my eyes
It takes me by surprise
How clear they come back on the scene
Alive on my silver screen
Faces of those I loved
Faces of those I fought
Now they're altogether in my memory

Crush down the ancient stars
Enter the new born hearts
An end is a start as well
And our life is a tale to tell

Time's only flying when you hurry and go
Time's only crying when you live in sorrow
Couse you are time and time is you...
Give us one more day
Let us find a way
That's leading to your land
Give me one more night
Keep me in your sight
And I'll believe myself
In a story of time...
a story of time
a story of time
a story of time...


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