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歌曲 bootie callAll Saints 演唱。

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Bring it on, bring it bring it on a
Never stop giving good love
Cause that's what I call you for
(Yeah, what's up baby)
Never stop baby give it up
Cause I know where it came from you got more
I like playing games, and if it's all the same
You can bring it on with the rough stuff
And give me your love I don't wanna be tamed
I need a man to be a real man
In order what I got in store
Always finish what you start baby
And always having you beg for more
You know I wanna be diggy down boy
But I don't get around
Jimmy has to ride in your pocket
Or lock him in your wallet
It's just a bootie call
(It's a bootie call)
Gaining you it is baby
And games are always good to have
You never let me down
I'm always happy when you make me laugh
But don't try to find
This heart of mine
Emotions are coming to my head
So don't be mislead
My heart doesn't need to be bled
Only trying to be smart baby
Don't need the rollercoaster ride
I've been and seen and done it all, yeah, yeah
Don't want you messing with my mind
So don't be a fool
Keep this as your number-one rule
Good lovin's not always from the heart
You gotta be smart, ha ha
Stay just the way you are
(Tell me do you have your baby)
It's a bootie call
It's a bootie
Please hang up and try your call again
Please hang up now
This is a recording

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