Arms and Legs Summerset LRC歌詞

歌曲 SummersetArms and Legs 演唱。



Album: Everything Is Gonna Be Okay
Artist: Arms and Legs
Composer/Lyrics: Scott Daly(Arms and Legs)

We're in love Anna I know it's true
It's the strangest feeling
that I've ever felt with you
You left at ten o'clock
on a train back to New York
A little heart was written on your hand

Summer came and drove the pain away
Parking lot car conversations lead me to a place
Where I'll listen to your voice until I fall,
fast asleep inside your arms where I belong
where I belong

Morning came and brought me memories
Listening to records as our friends all fall asleep
And our hearts keep beating faster as you smile
Anna one day in a dream you will be mine
you'll be mine

One day you'll be mine
Anna Marie one day you'll be mine

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