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Article One Without You (I'm Not Alright) LRC歌詞

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Article One - Without You (I'm Not Alright)
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

I was lost
I was scared and I was broken
I was never meant to fall out on my own
I should have known
I could've turned to you for answers
But I kept you further than the stars and off my mind
Was so blind
Tell me how
To turn my life around
And tell me how
I haven't lived before I found you
And show me now
When you come and breathe the answers into life
'Cause living without you
I'm not alright
All I was in the past I left behind me
Now your love has cleared away all my mistakes
Walk backwards
When I see shadows in the distance
All the black and white can quickly turn to gray
Light my way
You found me in the places I hide
Your love lights up the corners of my mind
Oh, without you
(girl: When your heart shows grace
In the same way it brings
Has been given to us)
Some was lost
Some was scared and hearts was broken
They were never meant to face our fall alone
So I'll go

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