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Backstreet Boys The Answer To Our Life LRC歌詞

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You see me sitting here
a smile upon my face
The time has come but you know that it's not too late
There's been too many things
together we have seen
It's not too hard if we start to believe
And we're not gonna take anymore
Can we try to erase all the pain
So please
Show me a reason, give me a sign
Tell me the way we fall out of line
Is it today or is it tonight?
We'll find, the answer to our life
This world is not at ease
we seem to hide the truth
Thinking there's only so much we really can do
It's up to you and me
to face our destiny
The journey's here so let's take the stand
Tell me why we have to cry
And I try
When there's so many things we can do
To help this troubled world start a new
I need a reason
I need a sign
There's no turning back I'm here by your side
Is it today or maybe tonight?
We'll find
The answer to our life
Show me the way
give me the sign
Is it today, is it tonight
The answer to our life

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