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Bleeding Through Death Anxiety LRC歌詞

歌曲 Death AnxietyBleeding Through 演唱。

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Bleeding Through - Death Anxiety

My body will be set aflame tonight
Even though my heart will remain it's cold as ice inside
I feel my fists are buried in the pavement
Helpless to the rotting cancer set to ruin my life

I awake to this anxiety
That every breath every step might be my last

I feel I'm growing numb a slight chill to my flesh
Like one million knives stabbing a hole through my chest
There is no comfort my surroundings bleak as night
The angels of death are awaiting for me to line me in their sights

Lifeless I fear the wrath of God
I hear the dead speak through the walls
Remember me eternal sleep awaits me underground
I will await for you to follow to the other side

I feel closer now
To walk the dead
Every night I fear is the last with you
So please remember what it meant

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