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Bleeding Through Reborn From Isolation LRC歌詞

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Bleeding Through - Reborn From Isolation

Swallowing rock and sand
Arise from the dead
Ten years of solitude
And ten years left to destroy
Scars on my face dragged by this machine
The vapor in my lungs represents my broken dreams

Now what have you left to destroy?
I'm reborn from isolation
Flashing your eyes offer your heart
Your child of 93
Construct your shell
Ten years unsafe to sleep

Now I'm reborn

In your arms it was so rea*suring that you would never care for me
Inside your black sinful desire rest my battle for eternity

And now you're too weak to f**king stop me
I'll take my frustration out on you
I'll cut my displeasure out of you

Inhaling dust and ash
I'm back from the dead
Decay of this hopelessness now one more left to remain
Holes in my face raped by miss machine
One breath through perversion to shatter your hopes and dreams

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