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My friend's addicted to cocaine
smokes day and night
drives mom and pop insane.
Living his life in the dark light
every dollar he gets goes into the pipe.
He wants to borrow some money from me
do you think I'm blind
don't know the score
can't see!
You wanna get high as the sky
You're kissin' your life goodbye
You think it's a game that you play
But the winners lose it all someday.
Ya don't know who you are
are you losin' your mind?
Things get a little tight he committed a crime.
Give me your money or give me your life!
You betta empty your pockets because ya,
ya don't live twice.
He took the money to the dope man
and he said he had the best
next thing ya knew, cardiac arrest!
It was a rollercoaster, he couldn't get off
next thing I knew my friends' life was lost. Nooooooooo.

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