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Chamillionaire best rapper alive LRC歌詞

歌曲 best rapper aliveChamillionaire 演唱。

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Chamillionaire-best rapper alive

lrc 編輯 妙一法師

The King
You Already Know What This Is
I am the Best Rapper Alive
If I ain't him the best rapper than lied
They say get money and put that to the side
But if I do that they goin think it's a tie
Who sicker than I? Look me in the eye
Y'all fake rappers must be ready to die
Yeah, yeah, I fix that
Click, clack, get back, GET BACK!
Cheyeah, yeah, uh, getting paid a better feeling
I don't wanna take the shot up in the ceiling
I ain't chillin, buisness dealing
Look down on ya my flow is your ceiling
Solo, unity
Ask ya girlfriend crib try'na move da D
And the car gotta super V
If a leaf fall on it, I shoot the tree
Yeah, first name Hakeem
Middle name Money signature Lil Clean
Mixtape scene y'all know I'm king
I put'cha on the screen like Sway and Shaheem
Rabbit, rabbit, gotta get cabbage
Mixtape savage I rip through tablets
Crib so lavish, don't no magic
Shades just open like Go-Go Gadget
Like you read in my mind
Y'all ain't keeping up with me and my rhyme
Make ya exit like ya reading the sign
I'm the hardest rapper L.A. Reid didn't sign
Got the balls to prove it
Venom album coming get your exclusive
Don't try to act like your exulted
Cause your neck fit right on my newsies

Ha, Ha
Let Me Light It Up
Let Me Light It Up
I'm The Best Rapper I Swear
Let Me Make This Clear
Uh, yeah, he can rap and I'll sing ya
Uh, I'm the one that out think ya
Damn, he just dropped a new single
I had the industry shook with one finger
50 got rich and he didn't even die
Jay getting rich he ain't eating till reply
R Kelly on the ground he believing he can fly
I'm running through the drought like it isn't even dry
Amego, me gotta get the payso
I get mo like Shorty Lo (Dey Know)
I don't wave at a hater, call Maino
Money go "ha-ha", Playdoh
Yeah, got mixtape bars
I'm the ruler of the mixtape art
Put em on sale like it's K-Mart
All bow down to the MIXTAPE GOD!

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