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Chamillionaire mixtape murder LRC歌詞

歌曲 mixtape murderChamillionaire 演唱。

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Chamillionaire-mixtape murder

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Mixtape Murderer
Talking bout murder
They said they need part six
Well look how I light up the city, it's that boy Chamilly
Many say that they don't feel me but they don't want it really
Nothing goin move but the money you know I know the drilly
My reality be showing like Flavor Flav or Diddy
She got some back and some titties and mayne it's such a pitty
She think I give her my hustle just cause the fact she pretty
Really busy chasing skrillies and counting all my millies
I'm really all about skrilly and I mean necessary
Just like that V.I.C. single the game is getting silly
But so much cheeses and steak like sandwiches and Philly
Running around for the millies I think I'm getting dizzy
I'm Notorious that doin it bigger like I'm Biggie
Join my fan club, you a hater brings some back up
Let my lac (AH) and hit the switch and it'll pack up
They can't stand em make Bill O'Reilly have a tantrum
Let the grands come and if I'm on it it's a anthem
Hit the grand son and give a million to my grandson
Yeah we have fun but told a chick that she can't have none
I heard Plies say that he would never buy a Phantom
I make twenty-eight fit on that ish you better ask him
I attach em I love the dollars I romance em
I just cash em, no homo but my money handsome
An a*sa*sin be killing them like with a pa*sion
I just smash em then I hit right back to my mansion
They just acting but real is my only reaction
Choose on my whip that's where the haters jock they fashion
Swagger jacking I'm swaggered up you swagger lackin'
Swagger pa*s em my swagger on it's final lap in
Tell em don't listen if you hate the way my flow is flipping
Still tipping wheels glisten my fo's is swaggin' clicking
Brain and bullet equals pain, who wanna do audition?
Pop that click and get the trippin' you thinking that I'm slipping
Believer, always an over achiever
Take a breather your paper little just like Caesar
Typhice brah, I make a hater have a secure
When they see the number a coast it's on my Beamer
Lift the dow up and on the feeter where I leave her
Then I proceed her getting my doe up like Akeblah
I don't need her be living single like Kadesha
I won't even go send a cab to go retreat her
Hustle been deadly before a friend met a bed-a*s
Pre-willing like litreally on spinners in the parallels
That was back before Nelly was ever seen singing on a telly
I been grinding getting feddy underground Machiavelli
My dictionary is missing so what is competition?
Think he dissing he ain't like how much my pinky glisten
I ain't trippin' I ain't missing a dime and let it glist em
Pop my trunk up in the sign it reads "I'm gone fishing"

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