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Chamillionaire the evaluation LRC歌詞

歌曲 the evaluationChamillionaire 演唱。

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Chamillionaire-the evaluation

lrc 編輯 妙一法師

You are...
50 percent brainiac
50 percent maniac
(It's time for a second Evaluation)
Aight, I'm ready
(I'm a hold up these cards and you tell me what'cha see...
what do you see in this card right here?)
Dollar sign
(Okay, what about this card right here?)
Dollar sign
(Okay, and what about this card right here?)
Um, a dollar sign
(Uh, I see... well there's obviously something wrong)
Naw there ain't nothing wrong with getting money...
In the underground
I'm a thousand degree celsius I don't need any help
F a record label I appear curosity of myself
You got Mixtape Messiah part 6 and you got'cha swagger right
I'm on a whole 'nother plant, get a satellite
I been untouchable since Chris Cross was Kris Kross
My wrist glossed, my nickname is Kid Frost
I don't dance I don't rap for lip gloss
A Rick Ross, a big Boss, get lost
I been grindin and hustlin since I was seven
I die and they goin say he the biggest hustler in heaven (amen)
I swear to y'all ain't a rapper out there that I can't destroy
Never chill ain't never sat in a LazyBoy
Why, why sleeping really ain't a fun
You can talk that talk but I am not the one
So many haters that my haters rotate a take a ton
So much paper my account brought me a staple gun
Y'all finamin as Moulin Rouge
That's why I do what I do and make em move on fools
Who's fake I am not that dude
Bet'cha they goin say you first just like that tomb
You must be try'na gamble your soul a life with'cha
Hand on my ice, my ice is quite picture
P.E.R.fect look like a life figure
Ya take my advice the tool goin vise-grip ya
Pop a blah-cosso would make in your face glow
I paint a rapper red as the dot on his face (OH)
Look at how I did em what'cha think he goin say oh
Uh-oh, uh-oh someone better get a make-o
I never clocked out but I did let my day know
Suppose to be a dinner but I'm dropping off tapes though
I'm up working even after The Late Show
Ya phase so slow so you won't make a phase-o
Let's get down to the business at hand
Why do they keep saying you are not the same Cham?
Then they get mad cause you talk about grands tell me
Are you really showing love to yo fans?
I am the most authentic rapper alive
I say alive, all the realest rappers then died
Real is what the game is missing so that's what I provide
I be me but to them reality is a lie
You don't know me I had death in front of my face, dawg
But I'm a do it big until the day of my fake call
Friends for three strikes and I ain't talking bout baseball
Rolling with three K's like White people with hate all (what)
Black people, I bet'cha the mack greet'cha
At the door step if you came to react evil (woo)
Bring it on the chopper is Shaq Diesel
Peace ain't peace but I bet'cha that'll bet'chu
Over a decade since I made my start
You little marks would have never thought I get this far
It was raining I was knocking on that homestead door
Try'na get into Swishahouse I couldn't start my car
(Oh boy) gold grinning used to stay with a frost lip
And every chick around the hood wanna to get frost bit
But never trusted them they still goin tell you I'm caution
Been rapping since forever I ain't lying I'm exhausted
Let's pause this

lrc 編輯 妙一法師

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