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Album:Some Loud Thunder
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-Emily Jean Stock
You look so neat
Everyday is your birthday
You're such a treat
I'm just a drip in your faucet

Before the party's over
Before the highway road
Before the day begins
There's something I need to say

There's no one else
There is no one quite so perfect
When you're foreign bound
I am the coin in your pocket

Just wait for me the night through
Like I do for you
There's no one left to cry boo hoo
Play it trhough ok ok ok ok oh

You're not like me
It seems that people stick like flies to you
And my mystery
Is just that I've no one to cling to

I think it's the Chinese New year
Of this I'm fairly clear
And what better way to celebrate
Than run away with little boy blue?

Come along now now now now now
Don't think on an offer that you can't refuse
Yesterday's not quite the same let's make it plain
There are things that I can do

Some day we're going ot make it all right

It is a radio tells me so.

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