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Album:Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-Is This Love?
You're so much different than me, this I know
And I'm my only enemy
Pain is all that I can see oh
I see you're climbing a tree and I know
That it's easier to be up high in
The air than the ground
Is this love, Yes it's love,
now its love, must be love,
this is love, yes its love,
now its tough, Must be love,
And its love, yes its love,
this is love, must be love,
it is love, yes its hard,
no its not, must be love,
this is hard, no its not,
must be love, must be love,
it is love, no there's no doubt

You say you can't say anymore
You've already said it before
In a million different ways which
Were all not quite right
The rain is loud on the ground
Well I know
But I don't even make a sound when
I come around oh
And you say I'd be better off dead
Well I know
But it's no use hiding this pretty
Head in the ground

And we can do the zarathustra
We can do the broken fist
We can tear down all the borders
Or abbreviate the list
And when finally the finish line
Emerges from the mist we'll sound
A soft alarm

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