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E Rotic Tempt Me On The Line LRC歌詞

歌曲 Tempt Me On The LineE Rotic 演唱。

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Tempt Me On The Line
編輯 立山
- Hello.
- Hi, it's me. What are you doing rightt now?
- Nothing special, just longing for youu.

Tempt me on the line, make me feel divine
I wanna wanna love you from a distance
Tempt me on the line, prove that you are mine
I gotta gotta get a bit of your a*sistance
Tempt me on the line.
Tempt me on the line
You and me together
Just take off your dress and lay down on your bed
Baby I can feel how you creep into my head
Come on, turn off the lights
Emagine I'm at your side
Tell me what to do. I'll do anything tonight
Baby, touch your body with your fingertips
I'm just gonna do it like you do with your lips
Want, want faster.
Baby ,ah... you're all that I need
Do you like this way,baby?OK!

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