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Eleanor McEvoy Little Look LRC歌詞

歌曲 Little LookEleanor McEvoy 演唱。

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For all of the books we've come to read.
It's kind of amusing,
we don't have very much that's very smart to say.
Theories we tell ourselves we need.
I think we could lose them.
It's funny how those theories end up in our way.

Take a little look at the race we've run.
Take a little look at how far we've come.
Takes a little faith,
but it's my belief.
With a little luck we'll be fine.
Never let us sleep 'til we've made amends(改變).
Never take for granted our truest friends.
Takes a little work,
but I really think.
For all of our educated games,
the root of the problem is finding common sense in very short supply.
Letters that supersede our names,
I think we should drop them.
Those letters only come between 'U' and 'I'.
And if it tumbles(摔倒;跌倒) down,
if it tumbles down around our feet,
all around our feet,
we will stand our ground,
we will stand our ground and freeze out the heat.

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