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Elliot Smith Junk Bond Trader LRC歌詞

歌曲 Junk Bond TraderElliot Smith 演唱。

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junk bond trader
歌手:Elliott Smith 專輯:

the imitation picks you up like a habit
riding in the glow of the tv static
taking out the trash to the man
give the people something they understand
mistake a nervous flash for a fine-line smile
junk bond trader trying to sell a sucker a stock
rich man in a poor mans clothes
the permanent installment of the daily dose
and you tell me, ";fool, you tell it like it is";
your walls gone wider than your head trip is
checking into a small reality
void as a drug you take too regularly
the apple needs to laugh; the broken crutch
the first two folded at the slightest touch
brought down like an old hotel
people digging through the rubble for things they can resell
";happy holidays,"; said sid the saviour
believe in love i still favour
i wont take your medicine
i dont need a remedy
to be everything im supposed to be
i dont want nobody else
i can do it by myself
were meant to be together
now im a policeman directing traffic
keeping everything moving, everything static
im the hitchhiker you recognize pa*sing
on your way to some everlasting...
better sell it while you can
better sell it while you can
better sell it while you can
better sell it while you can

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