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Emma Bunton What took you so long LRC歌詞

歌曲 What took you so longEmma Bunton 演唱。

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Emma Bunton
What took you so long

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Ohhh talk to me,
can't you see,
I'll help you work things out
Ohhh don't wanna be your enemy
and I don't wanna scream and shout
('Cos) baby I believe in honesty
and men be strong and true
I shouldn't have to say
it now baby that I believe in you
What took you so long,
what took you all night
What took you forever to see I'm right
You know I treat you so good,
I make you feel fine
You know I'll never give it up this time
No, no, no

Ohhh you touched my heart
right from the start,
you didn't know what to say
But honey understand
when you take my hand,
everything's OK
'Cos baby I believe reality,
is never far away
I've had enough so listen baby,
I've got something to say

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