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Ensiferum Deathbringer From The Sky LRC歌詞

歌曲 Deathbringer From The SkyEnsiferum 演唱。

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Deathbringer From The Sky


High above the ground 大地之上
Beyond the thunderclouds 雷雲之外
A Black shade is flying alone 一片黑影正孤然飛翔
Once so feared among men 一度為人們所畏懼
Now the legend is becoming too old 如今這傳說幾乎被人遺忘
But finally the horrifying truth is about to unfold 然而這恐怖的事實終於即將顯現
Deathbringer from the Sky 從天而降的死神
Hunting victims in the night 乘着夜晚獵獲生命
Feel the terror as flames are burning bright 感受這恐懼吧,看這火焰愈發熊熊
There is... No tower as high or a cave so deep 再高的塔樓,再深的岩窟
That can save you from its endless spite 也無法助你逃離這無盡的怨恨
So bow down and face your wretched destiny 臣服吧,直面你悲慘的命運
A Den filled with treasures and gold 滿載金銀的洞穴
No longer calms his spirit so cold 不再能撫慰它冰冷的靈魂
Again it is time to spread the wings of doom 揮動厄運之翼的時刻已再次來到
A Growl shakes the ground 一聲咆哮震顫着大地
Flames blind men and smoke covers the stars 烈火遮天,煙雲蔽日
As he rises towards an ancient sky 他從中躍入那遠古的天穹
The era of total chaos will arrive 徹底混亂的時代即將降臨
Men shall flee in fear 人類將在恐懼中奔逃
My name will haunt their mortal souls 我的名字將烙在他們短促的靈魂里
I'll burn their flesh and I'll crush their bones 我將焚燒他們的血肉,碾碎他們的骨骷
Now they shall know 現在他們該明白
That every myth told is true 所有的神話都確有其實
They shall burn on my blazing gallows 他們當燒死在我燃燒的絞架上
Your screams can't make me feel pity or regret 你們的哭號激不起我半點悔恨和同情
I only feel furious hatred 我只能感到暴怒的憎恨
With fire my dominion is gained 烈火之中我君臨天下
So burn away and let my kind rule the world again 焚滅吧,讓我族再度統治大地

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