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Ensiferum The New Dawn LRC歌詞

歌曲 The New DawnEnsiferum 演唱。

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The New Dawn

Through the storm like the wind we ride 衝破暴雨和疾風,我們在前進
Leaving it all far behind 等閒只被拋作身後景
Another war is straight ahead 又一場戰爭近在眼前
This fight will give us all 這戰爭給我們以勝利
None shall live , they all will fall 無人將免,他們即遭覆滅
When the new dawn arises, we stand tall 當新的朝陽升起,我們傲然挺立
Fight! For our new dawn 戰鬥!為了新的黎明
Ride! Kill them all 前進!見敵必殺
Rise! Now is the dawn 前進!曙光已經來臨!
Feel your strength and let it rise 找到你的力量,喚起你的氣力
Hear the call of their demise 聽,他們那瀕死的哭喊!
Let them feel your steel 叫他們一嘗你身手!
Have faith my friend, this is not the end 要相信,我的朋友,這一切遠未結束
Our time is near, we feel your fear 我們的時代近了,我們看見你們的恐懼
Because we will... 「因為我們將……」
Nothing can stop us now 再沒有什麼能阻擋我們
As we march towards the final fight 我們直向最終之戰行進
And we shall see the light 我們將迎接光明
Our swords are taking lives 我們的長劍正飽飲鮮血
Giving us what is ours 奪回失去的領地
Now the new dawn arises and we have it all 新的黎明出現在天邊,而我們都在…

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