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Espers Rosemary Lane LRC歌詞

歌曲 Rosemary LaneEspers 演唱。

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Espers-Rosemary Lane

When I was in service in the rosemary lane
I won the good will of my master amberdine
'Til a sailor came there one night to lay
And that was the beginning of my misery

He called for a candle to light him to bed
Likewise a silk hankerchief to tie up his hair
To tie up his hair as sailors will do
And third my pretty polly won't you come too

This may be young and foolish she thought it no harm
To lie into bed why to keep herself warm
And what was done there I will never disclose
But I wish that short night had been seven long years

Next morning this sailor so early arose
And into my bra 3 guineas did throw
Saying this I will give and more I will do
If you

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