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Fefe Dobson Initiator LRC歌詞

歌曲 InitiatorFefe Dobson 演唱。


Fefe dobson - Initiator
專輯《Sunday Love》
演唱/Fefe dobson

when i like what i see
something inside of me
tells me that i gotta be
hittin on it
i'm hittin on it
when it looks pretty hot
i don't give it a second thought
because i know that
i otta be
girls are thought
not to make the first move
but when i'm in the mood
i'm the initiator
i don't buy my time
i take him home
to get him alone
i bend his will to mine
i am the initiator
i move in for the kiss
i slip the tongue
i start the fun
i like it like this
he looks just about my age
baby face and long legs
a little sugar
a little rage
you mess with me
and i'll take you down
i may be young
but i've been around
i want it all
and i want it now
listen up girls
you know it's alright
go get
what you want tonight
i gotta feel good
i gotta feel right
i gotta bang bang
all through the night

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