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Fefe Dobson Miss Vicious LRC歌詞

歌曲 Miss ViciousFefe Dobson 演唱。

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Fefe dobson - Miss Vicious
專輯《Sunday Love》
演唱/Fefe dobson

leave me alone
i don't like you
go home
where've you been
i'm calling you
are you home miss vicious
i can't live
without your kiss
stop don't want it
stop can't have it
get away from me
and leave me alone
you're driving me crazy
and i want you to know
you better leave me alone
we're the same
two in one
gonna get you
gonna make you run
don't dare scream
you're all i am
i was born to be your only friend
get away
i don't like you go home
You are not my friend
i'm gonna make it end
here i am
i feel you
you will love me when i'm through

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