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Fefe Dobson Yeah,Yeah,Yeah LRC歌詞

歌曲 Yeah,Yeah,YeahFefe Dobson 演唱。


Fefe dobson - Yeah,Yeah,Yeah
專輯《Sunday Love》
演唱/Fefe dobson

blah, blah, blah
you just wanna be my friend
not that again
you're oh so amusing
it's all about using
you're unoriginal
i just don't have a prayer
yeah, yeah, yeah
that's all i can say to you
i'm so over you
yeah, yeah, yeah
now i've heard it all
you're so pitiful
now i feel better
not your type
oh, but you touched me first
you have a girl on the side
don't pretend it hurts
so i can respect you
and i can reject you
i can't let you
have your cake and eat it too
i might get it through
now i've heard it all
ya know
i would have done everything
even worn your stupid ring
if that made you happy
would have been your beauty queen
would have let you wash me clean
but you make me feel dirty

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