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Groove Armada superstylin LRC歌詞

歌曲 superstylinGroove Armada 演唱。


Enter in de dance, Plug it in an we begin
Crowd up in de center, they watch we spin de thing (not sure)
Watch the way we drop it in a mix timing
Rise and amplifyin when we come in with de swing
Just following the track an naturally harmonizin
Climb into position with synchronized things
Live from out the ghetto, We maximizing
Sound of the Groove Armada, We Superstylin

Sometime...Can you freely push a dose of wine
Sometime...& through de day and through de night
Sometime...You can make a push of does of wine
Sometime...Its for your spirit and your mind
Thats how we drop it (on de up on de line)
One time lyrics an must stick on your mind
Pop a ba*s line, Ill go (prop on prepay)
My MC super, Ill go double on de right
Baby just recline...
World wide...

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