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This Is All We Have To Know
Helene Dineen
well i heard about this boy,
how he could not decide
if he should love someone who loved him
or if he should deny her
and hound some other one
who was deaf to all his pleas
and only kept him round
to feed her vanity.
well he ended up alone,
as people often do
when they mess around with love
never knowing it is true
there are kids who love their wives.
men who love their deaths
more than they love their lives.
well if they looked into themselves
if they saw what there was there,
they would surely know that love
is better breath than air
give your love up to the sun
let it shine on everyone
well i hiard about this girl
how she was hurt so bad
she turned all her love inside her
hoping to feel better
there are those who love themselves
more than anyone else
well they should know that sad affliction
can be dangerous for their health
this is all we have to know
feed your love and watch it grow

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