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IENEMARLIN Unforgivable sinner LRC歌詞

歌曲 Unforgivable sinnerIENEMARLIN 演唱。

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Kinda lose your sense of time
』Cause the days don』t matter no more
All the feelings that you hide
Gonna tear you up inside
You hope she knows you tried
Follows you around all day
And you wake up soaking wet
』Cause between this world and eternity
There is a face you hope to see
You know where you』ve sent her
You sure know where you are
You 』re trying to ease off
But you know you won』t get far
And now she’s up there
Sings like an angel
But you can』t hear those words
And now she’s up there
Sings like an angel
Unforgivable sinner
You』ve been walking around in tears
No answers are there to get
You won』t ever be the same
Someone cries and you』re to blame
Struggling with a fight inside
Sorrow you』ll defeat
The picture you see it won』t disappear
Not unpleasant dreams or her voice you hear
Maybe one time lost
But now you』re found
Stand right up before
You hit the ground
You hit the ground
hit the ground
**Unforgivable sinner**

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