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Iridio Night Prayer LRC歌詞

歌曲 Night PrayerIridio 演唱。

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*Night prayer

This lonely road I am walking on
Where did it begin? Where will it end?
And when the dark night comes
Who will save my soul?
On my lonely road will I walk alone?

I never feared darkness coming near
Now I don』t know why I behold the sky
To find the brightest star
With it’s brilliant light
So I pray to thee, will you shine on me?

Mother Moonlight, fill my scared eyes
Light up my way with your brightest ray
Shining on everything through the clouds
Take my hands 『till the morning will come.

This dusty road where I walk alone
With my restless heart and my tired bones
It’s going on and on
But I know for sure
That it’s leading me to the world of dreams

You are not alone
When you leave your home
And you』re far away
On a dusty way
I will always care
And I will be there
Every time you call my name…

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