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Joan of Arc A Tell-Tale Penis LRC歌詞

歌曲 A Tell-Tale PenisJoan of Arc 演唱。

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Joan of Arc - A Tell-Tale Penis

whoever else i may have been
she'd still be going through this now
but all the quiet hours i require still cant show me how

im barely living
in her halftime show
keeping warped minutes of her wishes and revisions

and somethings knocking around in me like a loose nut
this tell-tale penis kick in the gut
shot down my strut

the walls are beating
it's my reflection in my death
it's the alarm clock riding the horizon

once we spent our afternoons
dancing in our living rooms
now shes giving into her most unlit corners too soon

love is a lifetime's winding twisting tapestry
so reborn now without fears
before you ever met me

you can end things with your boyfriend
i'll quit chasing you around
but how long will the echo of the tell-tale penis sound

its the creak in the floorboards
it's throb is in my head
it's the alarm clock riding the horizon

it's the hand up through the dirt
toward the sky after midnight
burried alive and left for dead

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