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Joan of Arc So-and-So LRC歌詞

歌曲 So-and-SoJoan of Arc 演唱。


Joan of Arc - So-and-So

Turning off and toughening up;
Well that's a dumb idea of smart
But you'll have to live with yourself;
Just you and your unique beautiful
woman's entitlement

No one know what I love you means;
But I know it's a thing you'll run up
against inside yourself;
Now you're worried about what our friends say
After you had everything your own way

You made a choice to be dishonest with me;
You made a choice to give up on everything;
You've chosen to stomp on my vulnerability;
And now you're vain enough to expect sympathy

How old is this perfect child?
How old is this perfect child?

I've kept my cool while I've destoryed
most things I've ever destroyed
I can remain all la-dee-da while mid-tantrum;
What's the difference cool and
collected or otherwise?

I stand doomed and accused;
But completely accustomed to your so hard won so-whatsdom;
So what's the difference cool and collected or otherwise?

Still a pilgrim or a pirate;
Still pointed towards the shore;
Still a-hoy and it's hot today matees;
Still a wonder and a bore

But weren't you aware of it all;
And weren't you in awe of the claw
That clenched you all over and scared you and just left you blaming

Doomed to do some so-and-so; And to me you'll be some so-and-so
And I'll be just your old ex-so-and-so;
I'll see you on the street sometime so-and-so;
And introduce you to me new so-and-so;
And I'll politely shake hands with your so-and-so;
I'll smile at the son of so-and-so
And your child to me will just be some so-and-so

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