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julie Not that Song LRC歌詞

歌曲 Not that Songjulie 演唱。

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Julie-Not that Song

Eyes on you
I'm giving on
your heart could wish from me
I stay true
to all your expectations
of a girl
Is this song just another carbin on the tree
For someone else to see
In 20 years to fade the memory

We're the heart lightenings
It's plain to see
that eternally
you're not breaking me
I can promise you
tell the family
but it won't last long
It's not that song
And I felling I'm doing nothing wrong
It's not that song

Could you say
Something that would mean a lot to me
Anyway forward anything that makes me feel
I can stay for a dream
just too much for a deal
I'm nothing you can steal
In 20 years to fade the memories

Walking on alone
writing my own love songs
singing my own love songs
wonder as I wonder

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