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歌曲 November Decemberjulie 演唱。

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Julie-November December

I guess I learn now what to do
It doesn't hurt to think of you
And maybe sixty lonely nights
It's what it takes to give by

I lost some days
to the thought of you
I found the way

I can't see the shells any more
I don't need to see you like before
I've made through November December alone

Even though you wait me everywhere
You cannot hurt me I've been there
Rain rain rain
Has gone away

I'm guessing always sacrificed
made the three between the lights
I need all has been the past
like everything that never lasts

We carry on
Do we on again
This road is long

Stay stay stay
That needs to stay

I used to want you get off my mind
Now I wanna keep a piece of you inside

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