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Kat DeLuna Am I Dreaming (Feat. Akon) LRC歌詞

歌曲 Am I Dreaming (Feat. Akon)Kat DeLuna 演唱。

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Kat DeLuna - Am I Dreaming (Feat. Akon)
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
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I'm not like all those other guys
have you believing
it's to good to be true
and they come smothered in lies
oh so decieving
leaving you black and blue
see i'm show you and get to know you
so girl, let me do what I do
and get it fooi?
a hundred fooi?
and make sure you feeling brand new
I know you never had a brother
like me that was on another level
squeezing you like you like it
never hold back and never settle
have your body trembling
got you burning up like a kettle
before you know it
we'll be sleeping and dreaming this forever
can you feel it
I kiss you so you know it's real
I can see it
that beautiful body and that sex appeal
(am I dreaming)
I know you wonder if this real
never go back to the thing
that use to give you something you can feel
And when we kissed under the moon
Am I dreaming?
He showed me things I never knew
He know exactly what to do
Am I...
Got my heart up in this dance
What a beautiful man
That batchata as we rock on the set
Put his hand over my hips
Started looking at his lips
I'm the luckiest girl in the land
And I can't belive the way you
Got me feeling right
I don't wanna leave this place
Stay right by my side
But in my head never thought
I could fall in love with you
Baby wish we never left the flor, I don't know
Don't wanna be alone anymore
We have something mesured out, I don't know
Are you real, am I dreaming?

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