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Kat DeLuna Feel What I Feel LRC歌詞

歌曲 Feel What I FeelKat DeLuna 演唱。

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Kat DeLuna - Feel What I Feel
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
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Why can't you smile,shake a hand
Joke around when you're under
Doesn't take that much to do it
Sing a song when you're down
Cause I know that you wonder
What is coming over me
Don't you keep it in
Gotta let it out
Swing your head around
Tell em' what you're all about
Just believe it and get with it
And when you hear the sound
Don't you know that I was made for this music?
When I hear it take a ride and I lose it
All my worries step aside
When I hear a simple melody
Let me in like the wind
Let me take it higher
Make you feel what I feel
I'll be that song that you play over and over
De ah da can you feel me
See I don't mind,I don't hide
Because cause I'm open
What I gotta do to prove it
Walk a mile in my shoes
Will you dare take a journey
With me is where you wanna be

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