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King Crimson In The Wake of Poseidon LRC歌詞

歌曲 In The Wake of PoseidonKing Crimson 演唱。

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In The Wake of Poseidon
King Crimson

plato's spawn cold ivyed eyes 柏拉圖式的冷酷眼神

snare truth in bone and globe 捕獲着真相的精髓

harlequins coin pointless games 盛裝的小丑弄着把戲

sneer jokes in parrot's robe 無謂地說笑拾人牙慧

two women weep,dame scarlet screen 二女對泣,紅妝淚影

sheds sudden theatre rain 如突降暴雨一般紛墜

whilst dark in dream the midnight queen 與此同時午夜女皇在黑暗與夢幻間

knows every human pain 洞悉着人間的痛苦交悴

in air,fire,earth and water 空氣,火,土地和水

world on the scales 世界由此構成

air,fire,earth and water 空氣,火,土地和水

balance of change 相生相剋

world on the scales 世界由此構成

on the scales 由此構成

bishop's kings spin judgement's blade 主教主宰着是非黑白

scratch "faith" on nameless graves 在亂葬崗中榨取信仰

harvest hags Hoard ash and sand 顆粒無受,沙積塵聚

pack rope and chain for slaves 奴隸的桎梏層層疊放

who fireside fear fermented words 誰人與危言聳聽為伍

then rear to spoil the feast 之後必將把災禍醞釀

whilst in the aisle the mad man smiles 與此同時瘋漢在廊中暗笑

to him it matters least 只有他才不感到惆悵
heroes hands drain stones for blood 偉人從石頭裡擰出鮮血

to whet the scaling knife 以此來磨練無邊的鋒芒

magi blind with visions light 俗人被表象的光芒蒙蔽

net death in dread of life 在生命的恐懼中網羅死亡

their children kneel in Jesus till 他們的後裔膜拜耶穌

they learn the price of nail 直到十字架上那釘子得償

whilst all around our mother earth 與此同時我們的大地母親

waits balance on the scales 在等待着陰陽的此消彼長

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