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Lady Antebellum - Long Gone
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang

It's so like you just to show up at my door
And act like nothin's happened
You think I'll sweep my heart up off the floor
And give it to you
Like so many times before
You're talking to a stranger
I'm not that girl anymore
That girl is long gone
Boy you missed the boat it just sailed away
Long gone
She's not drowning in her yesterdays
Betcha never thought I'd be that strong
Well this girl is long gone
Don't waste your breath with baby baby please
Cuz I am so not listening
Don't bother getting down upon your knees and try to beg me
I'm tired of how you twist the truth
You're not talking to the same girl
Who used to forgive you
Well this girl is gone like the wind under Superman's cape
Like a thief in the night I made the great escape
I'm not the kind of girl that keeps making the same mistakes
I'm not drowning in my yesterdays
Betcha never thought I'd be that strong, betcha didn't
Yeah well baby I proved you wrong
This girl is long gone, long gone
This girl is long gone
This girl is gone

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