Making April Bailey LRC歌詞

歌曲 BaileyMaking April 演唱。


Making April - Bailey

i noticed you before you bothered to acknowledge me
your golden ropes hung down the back of your restricting jeans
there was this glow,
i did just know before you even turned your head
so many things i could have said

bailey, you never took your high beams off of me
and bailey, the tension we conspired was indiscreet
and bailey, why was i so fain to set you free
bailey, that's when i lost you carelessly bailey

i took the stage before i knew if you were there for me
you let me know as we traded poses laced with chemistry
you winked your eye and left my sight with no
gla*s slipper or a sign
now you're burning through my mind

ah i wanna meet you back under these city lights
if the pa*sage of our stars align
whoah oh oh oh bailey
bailey, i miss those precious moments that we spent
and bailey, i'm wondering where so many chances went

bailey whoah oh oh oh
bailey la ah ah ah ah
bailey whoah oh oh oh bailey
will i ever see you again?

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