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Mariah Carey Love Story (Acoustic) LRC歌詞

歌曲 Love Story (Acoustic)Mariah Carey 演唱。

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Boy meets girl and looks in her eyes
Time stands still and two hearts catch fire
Off they go rollercoaster ride
Up & down and around...
Twisted all out they minds
And then his friends
Said "its too soon to settle down"
And then her friends
Said "he's a playa, slow it down"
They couldn't be who they was
Cause it just seemed like love
Wasn't on they side
But this isn't ...
Just another love story
Together we'll make history
I know because it's just too real
They'll be no end to our love story
Like that Casablanca movie...no
This ain't no fairy tale or fiction
This is truly
Ours for the eternity
They'll be no end to our love story
And this ain't gon end up
love story

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