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MARIN Fantasia of Love LRC歌詞

歌曲 Fantasia of LoveMARIN 演唱。

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MARIN - Fantasia of Love
Arrange:YAS a.k.a ELEMENTAS

how can I say what I feel
in your side, together
(drive me up, baby)
you can shake my fate but I...
I'm in love so deep with your affection
until the end of time now if you

show me your heart to me
we share this love forever
(shake me up, DJ)
what I need is you feel then I...
I'm in dark so deep with your sadness
don't keep me wait another night

all I wanna do
turn your face to me
make me high
take me to the top till the sunrise
I'm moving up and down

(I'm trying to you honey)

don't be lazy boy
like a crazy toy
ride and see
you can count on me
burn my desire
cause you're my fantasy

I wanna be your・・・

waiting for your love
waiting for the day
that you find my heart
(go! go!) I never stop
(go! go!) you really want to be my lover?

waiting for your love
waiting for the day
that you hold me tight
(go! go!) I'm ready to go
(go! go!) in the heat of the night

why don't you try to beat me
baby it's so easy
(drive me up, baby)
there is only you and me do you
think I'm nice ?
I will be yours
bring me round and round
I can be tender tonight tell me why

every night
get into the rhythm, so higher
(shake me up, DJ)
dancin' all night long, yes I
break thru your love
you're shining like a starlight
can't lose yourself for a smile

I'm lost in to your eyes
cause you're my pa*sion
go around twist again
flying to the lights, I'm ready for
time to fall in love
and you will try me now
come and play the game
hear it once again


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