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Mattafix Far From Over LRC歌詞

歌曲 Far From OverMattafix 演唱。

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Mattafix - Far From Over
(lyrics by @oMuzik!)
Our Muzik - 最前沿的歐美音樂!

Got a time,
A place
To leave without a trace.
You got a song,
A taste of what's to come.
You had it all in your palm,
Till I raised the alarm and I won't keep calm no more as edure this.
I get a little irate,
They say "what you stressed out for?"
I get a little heartache.
It don't get no easier.

Locked away.
So what do you do it for?
In your hallways and cellars a fallout shelter.
Such a waste.
Where do you go from here?
In your dark days just you remember,
It's far from over.

Got the soul, the skill, you don't know how to heal.
You've got to feel all my empathy.
You get a little heartache,
They say your pride is torn,
You're to young to feel this numb.

U don't realize what u have inside

Guess you tried to keep it cool,
even though, even though
Love is never equal,
Yes I know yes I know.

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