Newsboys Dance LRC歌詞

歌曲 DanceNewsboys 演唱。


Newsboys - Dance

Never got the memo
Never got on board
Couldn』t get lost
『Cause I never explored
Never took a swing
Never held the ring
Never drew a straw
Never knew how to draw
We got the whole world waiting
For anything to wash ashore
Evidence they can』t ignore
Anything to hope for
Faith is the substance
Faith is the glue
Bringing us together
Giving us a clue

(It』ll make ya)

Dance like no one is looking
Sing like no one can hear
Love like you』ve never been hurt
Live like there’s nothing to fear

Never got with it
Never gave blood
Draggin』 my feet
Tracked in more mud
Tried to take control
Dug a deeper hole
Couldn』t get a hand
Then, bless my soul
You hosed off the dirt
Set my feet on a rock
I got a vision from God
I felt the awe and the shock
(I know) faith is the substance
Faith is the key
Faith is gonna take us
Where we』re meant to be...

(Now we』re gonna)

Get up, get out
Get up, get out
Get up, get out
Get up, get out
Come on

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